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Jurisprudentia is proud to provide a wide range of high quality Student Guide Cards and textbooks to university students in Australia.

The Student Guide Card is an ideal study guide. It is useful for exams, class preparation and other assessments. It provides a great overview of main topics in each subject.

It focuses on important basic concepts and key principles in each area. It is affordable and easy to read. Each title adopts a writing style that focuses on short, sharp, simple sentences. The Student Guide Card will save time in reading voluminous books, summarising and understanding difficult concepts and principles. Each title is relevant, highly accurate, and up to date.

In relation to the Law and Business Law titles, each title contains full referencing (Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC) 4th edition style) of relevant case law and legislation. Jurisprudentia hopes that the Student Guide Cards will reduce stress and assist students in their university studies and in their careers.